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Developing Community and Cooperative Devices using 8 Amazing Platforms

RATS, or Residential Art and Technology Studio, Consulting and Coworking (RATS-CC) is a renowned and creative company with a passion for creating captivating devices and art inside 7 platforms that integrate well with cultural workflows and artistic endeavors. Our goal is to create lasting and meaningful relationships between our client's brand and their audience through smart thinking, thoughtful design, business analysis, and artificial intelligence.

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Our Digital Tribes Platform - Get People

As we work not just on astonishing designs for your websites and business projects, Tribes become the backbone of any business endeavor to substain untapped growth. Without a tribe, growth is always limited to a small bucket of thoughts. The first phase of our business development life cycle is embedded inside our tribes product. By the way, tribes are not the same as friends in social media.

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Our Digital Blogs Platform - Reach People

Our blogs are built using our proprietary approach that blends the ideal balance between functionality and obfuscation of HTML and javascript using a cloud approach.

Almost all other blogs use the same one or two tools. However, our blogging starter kit is designed for three purposes - presenting beautiful blogs, presenting seemless embedded video, and teaching young interns between the ages of 10 and 18 years of age to begin their first career.

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Our Digital Apps Platform - Organize Stuff

Scrapbooking is an art form with roots dating back many centuries. What this means for our company is that everybody, ranging from kids to grandmothers, understands the basic tenets of scrapbooking.

RATS Consulting has created a product working as an application that allows scrapbookers to use their same approach to cropping, cutting, pasting, cutouts, and appliques in a way that creates dynamic and moving digital content - the first of its kind. Scrapbookers Unite!

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Our Digital Payments Platform - Get Money

There are dozens and even hundreds of opportunities for people to pay your company. We were glad to make a contribution to the development of this art sphere by cooperating with very well-known payment processors while introducing your audience to your company's offerings through a step-by-step (wizard) approach. In this way, you can on-board new customers through picking their rewards, preferences, people, and other taylorings while computing payment at each step.

By the way, these wizards will soon be adopted to virtual, augmented, and mixed reality hardware tools so our people won't be left behind.

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Our Work Flow Platform - Analyze Stuff

For most companies, pricing of products and services is the most difficult process to get right. In most cases, companies look at competing companies and adjust their prices according to someone else. This is often a mistake because it does not take into account other important factors like time, experience, and demand.

Our work flow platform uses a combination of kanban and tsunagari in order for our clients to comfortably express their processes to their clients.

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Only the Best

We work with the innovative, forward-thinking, and advancing companies from all over the world. Since our establishment, we’ve cooperated with a vast number of clients, and all of them gained not just awesome designs for their corporate needs, but also promoted their products and services to their audience and customers.