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with Industry, Events, Wellness, and Websites

Blogging (Websites)

with proprietary BEST 8 blogging software

Music Arts (Industry)

with hip-hop fusions

Culinary Arts (Industry)

with tasty healthy options

Book Arts (Industry)

with social commentary

Fine Arts (Industry)

with meaningful dialogue

Jewelry Arts (Industry)

with healing stones

Poetry Arts (Industry)

with Spoken Word

Business Launch Party (Events)

with music, food, and dance

Economics and Strategy (Industry)

for financial freedom

Fashion Arts (Industry)

specializing in curvy figures

Magazine Production (Industry)

with charitable giving

Healing Oils (Wellness)

for coping with struggles

Healing Oils (Wellness)

with light-touch massages

Fusion Arts (Events)

with the Complete Art Experience

Welcome to Residential Arts
and Technology Studio Providing Coworking Spaces and 360° Support Services for Startups

RATS is a membership-based facility for Startup businesses to research, develop, and cowork successfully. RATS is located in several places throughout the Dallas metroplex. Our main headquarters is located inside Valley View mall, Dallas, Texas at 13331 Preston Road. RATS is a 4020 sq. ft. facility supporting Startup members through an experiential learning platform and business promotion methodology that uses:

  • websites, scrapbooks, and blogs for e-commerce,
  • events, meeting spaces, and rentals,
  • wellness products,
  • industry workshops, talks, and economics

These supporting activities result in a plethora of additional benefits for our members including:

  • website templating,
  • custom facebook pages,
  • blogs with proprietary BEST 8.
  • access to our novel products,
  • STEM tutoring and applications,
  • summer camps and internships.

  • business plans,
  • new media using dynamic scrapbooks,
  • business interviews.
  • vision board and scrapbook circles
  • art festivals
  • product launch parties
  • book signings

RATS provides 7 primary membership types and 21 secondary membership types associated with business startup requirements. Membership types range in price and start at $100.00 per month. Since 2007, RATS and FAD (Fusion Art Dallas) has hosted 100's of events. Between May 2015 and February 2018, RATS alone has hosted over sixty events and activities. Each event or activity had a purpose to focus and refine a particular business startup for one or more of our members or observe participating characteristics for our research and development laboratory and processes.



RATS, or Residential Art and Technology Studio is a membership based startup community and coworking company incorporated in 2001 to provide research and development of new products for ethnographic and experiential learning enhancement using embedded art and software. Our first products under design and prototyping address four industrial concerns regarding:

  • ecommerce safety,
  • industry space design,
  • wellness and mental sharpness,
  • economic progress.

To accomplish our research objectives, RT uses an unique recipe for formulating our initiatives. As practitioners and research professionals, RT works with disadvantaged Startups undergoing transformative processes through our coworking endeavors. After many years, our studies suggest that business startup and coworking activities form a necessary and natural partnership to insure the validity and community of our products. The benefits of these partnerships have positive and sweeping ethical ramifications that are promising for young Startups everywhere in the global south.

In our studies, disadvantaged Startups frequently have five significant challenges associated with confidence, economics, mindset, workflow, and commitment. Our studies have lead to the creation of 5 "perfecting" paradigms seeking to manage the progression through these challenges.

Each paradigm is manifested from thousands of ethnographer hours. Many of our ethnographers, practitioners, and members have contributed to these paradigms with potent recipes for elevating coworking and startup potential. In pursuit of answers, RATS has hosted hundreds of activities to observe the ideologies and urgencies of our members, to improve the effectiveness of these 5 paradigms, and to create novel products, patents, and papers.



"Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!" cries she
With silent lips. "Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

Emma Lazarus, words written for the Statue of Liberty

RATS, or Residential Art and Technology Studio has had and continue to have members that many consider lost to the whims of society but may embody the characteristics of genius or greatness. RATS includes many fine artists. They contribute to our complete art experience. Members also include and have featured dozens of business startups with various types of owners. Owners have included museums, galleries, car dealers, fashion designers, fashion models, dancers, singers, hip hop artists, spoken word artists, nutritionists, health professionals, teachers, policemen, insurance agents, bankers, accountants, and chefs.

RATS facilitates a cooperative spirit between members that leads to communication, cosharing, collaboration, and cosponsoring. RATS hopes to attract those with both a spirit of cooperation and individuality.

Additionally, RATS has raised and donated money to many charities including The Family Place, A Woman Called Moses, The African American Museum in Fair Park, and A Circle of Ten, Inc. As of September, 2016, RATS is building partnerships with charities that house, feed, and build businesses for the homeless. For an exhaustive list used for collaboration, please contact or visit us.

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Our Menu supporting MembersLoose-leaf Teas and Deliciously Quick Snacks

Exotic Teas And Drinks

RATS is an Art and Tea Lounge that specializes in relaxing exotic teas and drinks that promise to satisfy.


Chicken Snacks - Catered on Demand

RATS seeks out the best grilled or flame-broiled chicken snacks in Dallas. RATS on-demand caters and serves chicken dishes.


12 in. Pizzas - Catered on Demand

RATS staff and members loves pizza. So we pick up pizzas for visitors and members that hang out with us. Call or email.


Salads - Catered on Demand

RATS knows that salads feed the mind. Thinkers need fuel so we cater salads with all the toppings. Call or email


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SAY THAT - Comedy and Spoken Word every 4th Friday

Startup Socials - Take 5 to Startup Something

Out the Box - Spoken Word and Christian Hip Hop every 3rd Fridays