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Case Study #3: Coworking for Startups in the Game of ThronesThe Game of Thrones Case Studies

The following are quotes from an article by Hana Hariri called How to Get your Community Rolling published by on February 11, 2013.

When you talk about coworking you have to include community as well. It is one of the first things that come up when explaining coworking to your clueless friends. Yet, community does not just happen because you sit people down in an open space and let them work next to each other every day. It takes some work to get your community rolling, but in the end it will pay off. Freelancers initially join coworking spaces for the comparatively low cost, but they stay for the community and the network.
Networking and community usually does not happen while you sit at your desk starring at your screen with your earphones plugged in. It happens before, in between and after. For example, when you get your morning coffee, take some time for lunch or (for those of us who are going to die of cancer someday) go outside to puff on a cigarette
Industry Spaces

Hana Hariri continues by writing about the importance of coffee in a coworking space.

Most coworkers run on coffee, of course there are some who prefer a cup of tea (cheerio, to our English friends), but it is not all about the coffee. Since you usually have to get up for this, it gives you a chance to stretch a bit and move those stiff limbs of yours over to the coffee machine or the cafe and get revitalized. Taking a coffee break is not just about the caffeine, it's about socializing, networking and relaxing, and there's a lot of tradition and culture added to it.

Coworking spaces can be a place where you make music, make meals, make coffee, make friends, or make products. Hana Hariri writes about the history of early untitled coworking spaces, the coffee houses, in her country.

In Vienna, Austria, a place where the coffee culture goes way back, the coffee houses were (and still are) quite different from the rest of the world. It was quite common that people would come in, order one cup of coffee and stay for the rest of the day. At the end of the 19th century, the artists and writers who basically lived and worked there overran the Viennese coffee houses. It was the place where they painted, wrote, read newspapers and met their friends and enemies.

Upon first glance, meeting at a coworking space to nurse a coffee, hang around a bunch of business busy bodies, and chit-chat about the ways of overcoming in the Game of Thrones appears to some as benign. But consider the possibilities and the alternatives. The notion of being in a place where people have a common business drive and chase the same dreams for global success is, well, very powerful.

Business vendors inside RATS coworking space.

The alternative is to believe that one can achieve supremcy at a coffee house full of endless strangers or worst, from the pinned-up confines of the kitchen or dining room table. Contrary to belief, running a business is not the same as doing homework to recieve an alphabet (A, B, C, etc.) for a class. Money and alphabets are two different things.

Business pitch and poetry at RATS coworking space.

Industry Talk

What do people in coworking spaces talk about the most? Many people in coworking spaces talk about the giants of retail and commerce in similiar ways that people talk about celebrities. These giants hold the Thrones of retail and commerce. For many coworkers, these Thrones embody the opposition that pushes for absolute domination over all seeking to find even the smallest of squeaky quiet corners for business.

Of course, it is only natural that coworkers chit-chat about winning in the Game of Thrones. At RATS coworking, we call this Industry Talk. We look for every opportunity to cultivate Industry Talk - lunches, dinners, launch parties, pitch parties, pot-lucks, art exhibitions, mardi gras parties, fashion shows, poetry sets, vision board parties, scrapbooking, blogging marathons, and anything-in-between.

Industry Meals

Every second, every day, business owners and CEOs are looking for an edge toward innovation or to close a deal. In our experience, when eating, one should not talk with food in their mouth but sometimes, around food is when the innovative break-through happens. So, now, most entreprenuers I know expect a peek-a-boo of insight to occur with drink or food in their mouth. Please, swallow first!

Business meals with chefs at RATS coworking space.

For this reason, RATS combines the concepts of personal health and business health. Our idea of romance between ones personal health and business health is a long story to not be recounted in this article, but consider, when you are not eating healthy, are you thinking clearly?

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