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White Paper: Survival Guide for Disadvantaged Startups in the Game of ThronesSynopsis for The Game of Thrones Case Studies

RATS coworking is designed for Disadvantaged Startups

The big question on everyone's mind is "What can we Residential Technology do different to make things better?" Previous institutions failed because they do not understand the nuances of the waste lands. Institutions can only know the waste lands by "feeling them" to get the correct introspection, harmonization, and workflow. After feeling them and learning their environment, various elements of experiential design may be integrated with purpose of changing the wastelands and causation of their disadvantaged places.

Starting 2018, Residential Technology, Inc. will introduce you to our 4 inventions that will evolve business startups: (1) the L.A.B.S., a manufacturing apparatus for making Lifestyle and Business Scrapbooks; (2) F.A.R.S., a packaging system for creating promotional items and art reproductions; (3) the B.E.S.T. 8, an online portal and app manager for managing items; (4) and F.A.S.T., a methodology for business events. The LABS, FARS, BEST, and FAST are constituents of an experiential suite of products, services, and events supported by 5 perfecting paradigms and designed for all startups and coworking spaces within disadvantaged places.

Our products and memberships naturally evolved from our deliberate business activities selling cars, art, and software over the last 12 years. By providing these four products and five paradigms, RT intimately came to understand the waste land people, how they make money, and their incentives for spending money within disadvantaged places. Please peruse our history and background at our website Other scrapbooking projects with pictures and video include the following urls -,,, and

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