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William K. Stidham states on his website at that The Sacred Heart Series is "art celebrating the power of the mind, one heart, one soul". We certainly felt the stirring of our heart energy during the meeting with William at a local arts festival, The Deep Ellum Arts Festival, 2009, held April 3rd, 4th, and 5th. During the meeting, we (Renata and Curtiss) begin by explaining the concept of ForgottenGreats.com which is a place for the Forgotten but not a place to Forget and how ForgottenGreats.com seeks to remind people via the internet using various forms of art about the power of our past. William began the conversation after that point by stating the following.

"Essentially, I have taken a collection of iconic figures who shifted the plane with their heart energy and their heart energy is really your God given gifts. And then I ask what are you doing with your Sacred Heart. So what are you doing with the Gifts that God have given you. Thatīs the whole the first part of it. The second part of it is like I've painted a lot of icon people who are emotional milestones for different stages in our life. So I'll give you an example, like Stevie Ray Vaughn you know. You may have been a big Stevie Ray Vaughn fan in 83 when he broke out, you know. There are people that come in my booth and get very emotional because the paintings are emotional and spiritual at the same time. But its really reminding them of different stages of their life, okay, and how these artists help them define different points of who they are as they go along. So I think thatīs important from the context that yall (forgottengreats.com) are speaking about thats very important. Because we (Sacred Heart Series, forgottengreats.com, and William Stidham) are reminding people and music is um music affects our soul, the soul quality of your life. Thereīs this huge connection. It all started organically. I didn't set out to, A, get Famous, B, to make money painting. I was a artist, okay, just trying to figure it out."

Right, on a Journey.

A journey, man. You listen to God and follow the Crumbs that are left for you. You'll be led exactly where you need to be led.

Having Faith.

William continued by stating how he got started with Willie Nelson after a close friend and fan of Willie Nelson ask him to consider painting Willie Nelson and how he has extended the Sacred Heart Series over the last 2 years to 43 iconic figures. Consequently, the "fan" did not persuade William until he read the "Dow of Willie" because William stated initially that he did not paint iconic figures.

It was a pleasure talking to William and ForgottenGreats.com hopes that he will continue the Sacred Heart Series for many years to come. To purchase his art or get more information go to www.williamkstidham.com.